Azuébar is 50 km from Valencia and 48 km from Castellon. It is an Arab-origin settlement set in the Sierra de Espadán nature Park, located on the southern slope of a mountain crowned by the ruins of its castle.

The atmosphere, typical of villages on the mountains, invites to stroll down its alleys, full of peace and calmness.

In Azuébar, you can enjoy a garden and play area with swings, two pools for both adults and children, sports center, squash, and an area within a pine grove enabled to barbecue, paella, etc. with a fountain and tables where you can spend a nice day, and three bar-restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

There is an important bottling industry of its high-quality mineral waters, and it also has a reputation its honey
and olive oil (Oil of the Sierra de Espadán), a delicacy that has been awarded in international competitions.

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